China’s premier urges poultry markets to shut as bird flu fears grow

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China's Prime Minister urged local authorities to shut down live poultry markets in places affected by the H7N9 bird flu virus which killed 79 people in January, a statement from China's cabinet said. Chicken prices sank to their lowest level in more than a decade last week and concerns about H7N9 deepened after global health authorities said the strain had evolved into a more severe form for birds.

Oklahoma lawmaker asks visiting Muslim students if they beat their wives

Muslim students visiting an Oklahoma lawmaker's office in the state capitol were required to fill out a form that asked if they beat their wives and other questions that offended them, an Islamic advocacy group said. The two-page form from Republican state Representative John Bennett's office, which was shared by the Council on American-Islamic Relations , also asked whether they believed an adherent to Islam should be punished for leaving the faith and if Muslims should rule over non-Muslims.

Former sailor seeks pardon in submarine photos case

A former Navy petty officer, who is imprisoned for illegally taking pictures on a nuclear attack submarine, is seeking a presidential pardon and clemency. On Monday, Jeffrey Addicott, a former Army attorney and director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St Mary's Law School in Texas, submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice petitions for a presidential pardon and for clemency to get Kristian Saucier out of jail.