Hillary Clinton: an inspiration

I keep hearing that Hillary Clinton is uninspiring, often from her supporters. Hendrix professor and Arkansas Times columnist Jay Barth, who covered the Democratic National Convention for the Arkansas Blog, said in a recent post that she "lacks the ability to inspire on a regular basis."

Sexist ‘Ghostbusters’ Backlash Coincides With 2016 Gender Divide

On Wednesday, the all-female stars of the summer reboot of "Ghostbusters" appeared on the same episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" as Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, and the confluence of gender politics and the cultural zeitgeist was not lost on the show's host. "Get your Woman Cards ready," DeGeneres tweeted in anticipation of the show, while an apparent Clinton supporter shared an image of the presidential contender dressed in a Ghostbusters uniform, with her likely Republican rival Donald Trump cast as the gluttonous apparition "Slimer."

Trump tax cuts could mean more Novartis investment in U.S

Donald Trump's plans to cut U.S. corporate tax rates could trigger increased investment in the United States by Novartis, its chief executive told Reuters, despite the president-elect's recent harsh words on drug prices. "When we build a new manufacturing site we think about the tax rate, we think about the economy of the country, we think about jobs, so a booming U.S. economy would make the U.S. more attractive for investment," Joe Jimenez said on Wednesday.

Did Popular Aviatrix Right-Seat for Epstein in Royal Sex Scandal?

Nadia Marcinko, a popular figure in the online community of pilots and a role model for women interested in aviation seems to have had a less-than-model-perfect past as an acquaintance and possible enabler of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, two British newspapers are reporting. If they are accurate, it is not clear whether the blonde aviatrix was victim or co-conspirator.

U.S. ethanol group clashes with Icahn over details of biofuels negotiation

The head of the Renewable Fuels Association says billionaire investor Carl Icahn told him last week President Donald Trump was about to issue an order overhauling the U.S. biofuels program - something both Icahn and the White House have denied. Confusion over Trump's plans for the Renewable Fuel Standard , which requires increasing volumes of biofuels to be added to gasoline and diesel each year, triggered gyrations in the energy and agricultural markets this week and reopened questions about Icahn's role shaping the president's regulatory policy.