The federal minimum wage hit its peak purchasing power nearly 50 years ago

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The minimum wage has been a highly debated topic in recent years, with workers in industries including fast food and retail pushing for the standard to be raised to $15 an hour. Currently, the federal minimum wage is less than half that amount, at $7.25 an hour, where it has been since 2009.

Juveniles among those rescued in FBI operation that targeted underage sex trafficking

From Oct. 13-16, the FBI's Kansas City Division and several local law enforcement agencies partnered in Operation Cross Country X. "The exploitation of a child being sold for sex is an abhorrent crime preying on the innocent and vulnerable," FBI Special Agent Eric Jackson said. "The FBI is committed to aggressively investigating this threat to children across the nation and the globe.

Social Democracy Is 100% American

My friend, the author and scholar Harvey J. Kaye , delivers this missive on for the 4th of July, reminding us that social democratic principles are, contrary to right wing rhetoric, not "leftist extremism," but at the very heart of the creation and evolution of America's political purpose. Social democracy is 100 percent American.