Daily: Hints and Allegations

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Since The New York Times published a story based on the accounts of Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks Thursday night, Trump's surrogates have tried several tactics to push back. One is to question the timing of the revelation, and to argue that they represent a coordinated attack by the Clinton campaign.

Two Women’s Accusations of Sexual Assault Against Donald Trump

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Unless carbon emissions plummet soon, the risk of a region-altering disaster in Arizona and New Mexico will exceed 99 percent. Between 1545 and 1548, an epidemic swept through the indigenous people of Mexico that is unlike anything else described in the medical literature.

Trump Downplays Brexit’s Potential Effect on the US

Speaking from Aberdeen, Scotland, one day after England voted to leave the European Union , Donald Trump chastised Hillary Clinton for failing to appear on camera to talk about the vote. So funny, Crooked Hillary called BREXIT so incorrectly, and now she says that she is the one to deal with the U.K. All talk, no action! Hillary Clinton released a statement after the vote stating that she respects the choices of the UK and wants to protect both American families from potential economic turmoil and the United States' special relationship with Britain.