Diplomats try to smooth over Trump’s remarks

By JOSH LEDERMAN and JONATHAN LEMIRE Associated Press WASHINGTON - American diplomats scrambled Friday to salvage their nation's bonds with Africa, Haiti and even the celebrated "special relationship" with Britain after President Donald Trump, in the span of a few hours, deeply offended much of the world with the most undiplomatic of remarks.

Libya slave trade: Joint military to patrol illegal routes

A joint military taskforce from various African countries will soon patrol the high waters in the Mediterranean as well as the travel paths on land in a bid to monitor and report on cases of human trafficking and slave trade, Dr Admore Kambudzi, Acting Director for AU Peace and Security Department, has said. According to him, this would complement the efforts of European navy and patrol agencies.

Federal judge partially lifts Trumpa s latest refugee restrictions

A federal judge in Seattle partially blocked U.S. President Donald Trump's newest restrictions on refugee admissions on Saturday, the latest legal defeat for his efforts to curtail immigration and travel to the United States. The decision by U.S. District Judge James Robart is the first judicial curb on rules the Trump administration put into place in late October that have contributed significantly to a precipitous drop in the number of refugees being admitted into the country.

US children remain ‘undesirable’

Ruthie Longley's children have fallen behind with their schooling and she has had to send her older daughter to the US to study because they have been branded illegal immigrants. The Department of Home Affairs' computer system reflects that the children were declared undesirable, even though they were told three months ago the undesirability status had been lifted.