$100 million solar energy project coming to South Carolina

State officials, including Governor McMaster, were on hand for the inauguration of the $100 million solar project in Aiken County. "I think the success of this particular facility, a seven-acre facility that can produce up to a megawatt of power, and even today with the overcast that we have it is still producing power and energy, we've come a long way from the original solar panels," Representative Joe Wilson explained.

South Carolina lawmaker accused of beating his wife resigns

But Rep. Chris Corley still faces a felony aggravated domestic violence charge that could put him in prison for up to 20 years. House Speaker Jay Lucas read Corley's one-sentence resignation letter Tuesday to his colleagues, which came as he was preparing to introduce legislation forcing Corley from his House seat.

Windsor residents worry over large farms’ water withdrawal

The use and availability of groundwater in Aiken County is continuing to raise concern with Windsor-area residents, and many are questioning what impact large farms around them could have on water supply. Residents have named B C farms, owned by the Woody family, in regards to withdrawing water for agricultural use.