Mark Dayton: a I couldna t misbehave if I wanted toa

Gov. Mark Dayton and Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith, left, enter the room in the Capitol where Dayton proposed a $45.8 billion two-year budget Tuesday morning, unveiling the proposal in person despite collapsing during Monday evening's State of the State address, at the State Capitol in St. Paul, January 24, 2017. Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has said he's struggled with alcoholism and depression in the past, but he says neither is an issue now as he faces health concerns.

Trump Likely First Drug-Free President In Some Voters’ Lifetimes

When he takes his oath of office on January 20, Donald Trump will likely be the first president in 24 years to have never used any form of illegal drug. Trump has long claimed that he has never once smoked cigarettes, touched alcohol or used drugs, which would distinguish him from the last three men to occupy the White House, all of whom either admitted to drug use or refused to deny it.

Surgeon general report: ‘Addiction is not a character flaw’

In what may be his last significant act as President Barack Obama's surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy released a report Thursday calling for a major cultural shift in the way Americans view drug and alcohol addiction. The report, "Facing Addiction in America," details the toll addiction takes on the nation _ 78 people die each day from an opioid overdose; 20 million have a substance use disorder _ and explains how brain science offers hope for recovery.

Donald Trump claps back to Kristallnacht likening, calls Bill Weld an alcoholic

Asked about the Kristallnacht comparison the former Massachusetts made when talking about Trump's proposal to deport an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants from the country, the Republican candidate responded in true Trump form. "I don't talk about his alcoholism, so why would he talk about my foolishly perceived fascism?" Trump told The New York Times through a spokeswoman.