Editorial: Monday Briefing

A recent post on Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare's Facebook page serves as a stark reminder - put the safety of your pets first, even when finding them a new home. From the post: "A very well-known offender to AAM&W has just surrendered another one of their dogs that they got off Craigslist.

Beilue: How about naming an elementary school for the right person?

Two things I learned since Wednesday: Robert E. Lee actually did spend a bit of time in Texas, having served as commander of the Second Cavalry for several months in the 1850s. The other is should I feel the need to move from Amarillo - and there's a huge number who hope that happens by the weekend - it should be a breeze as I will have plenty of help in packing.

Editorial: – Rape insurance’ is not the story

A bill in the special session of the Texas Legislature authored in part by state Rep. John Smithee, R-Amarillo, has been given an eye-catching headline - "rape insurance." Far from being "rape insurance" - as a Democrat opponent of the bill described it - what HB 214 does is help keep those who do not choose pay for an abortion from having to do so.

Amarillo family continues tradition of collecting autographs

In this April 17, 2017, photo, Eric Corbyn, owner of Corbyn's Clothiers, displays a document bearing the signature of 13 U.S. presidents in Amariloo, Texas. This summer Corbyn hopes to add Trump to the list to make it 14. His late father, a major in the Korean War, collected autographs and photographs.