Joe Biden writing foreword for transgender activist’s memoir

In this July 28, 2016 file photo, LGBT rights activist Sarah McBride speaks as Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, D-NY, Co-Chair of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus listens during the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Former vice president Joe Biden is writing the foreword to a memoir by transgender activist McBride, who made history when she addressed the Democratic National Convention last year.


The Baltimore Museum of Art announced today seven new trustees have joined its board: Heidi Berghuis, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, Brooke Lierman, David H. Milton, Adam Pendleton, Scott Schelle, and Wilma Bulkin Siegel. These will join Board Chair Clair Zamoiski Segal and Dorothy Wagner Wallis Director Christopher Bedford and 40 other active trustees in leading the BMA.

How to pay for tax cuts? Look to Airbnb hosts and Etsy vendors

Airbnb Inc. hosts and Etsy Inc. vendors who have avoided taxes on income from the sharing economy might have to start sharing more with the Internal Revenue Service. Federal rules don't require such companies to withhold any income taxes on the payments they route to people who provide services or sell items via their online platforms.

Trump’s Travel Ban Will Need More Than Tweaks to Survive, Experts Say

With the Trump administration reeling after a defeat in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, it is reportedly mulling redrafting the controversial travel ban, whose haphazard implementation sowed chaos across airports and inside the U.S. government, as well as for thousands of U.S. visa holders around the world. But rewriting the order to make it viable against a court challenge will be harder than simply tweaking the language and coordinating with White House counsel.

Doing the wave: A primer on immigration in America

Immigration to the United States has come in swells and dips over the past two-plus centuries, driven by shifts in U.S. policy, the mood in the country and world events. "Here we are, the United States, a nation of nations, with the iconic symbol of the Statue of Liberty, and yet we are still arguing about the peopling of America," says American University historian Alan Kraut.

Taliban video purportedly shows US, Australian hostages

The Afghan Taliban released a new video Wednesday purportedly showing two teachers from the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul begging Donald Trump to make a deal for their release. What appears to be the first "proof of life" of kidnapped US citizen Kevin King, 60, and of Australian citizen Timothy Weeks, 48, was posted online by the Taliban and distributed to media outlets.

It’s time to ignore flag burners on campus

Do students love a flag aflame? At Hampshire College, in western Massachusetts, a student burned a flag to express opposition to the president-elect. At American University, in our nation's capital, flags were burned as students unleashed obscenity-laced chants against the United States.

Trump victory tour: ‘Thank you’ or ‘ego’ trip?

Trump victory tour: 'Thank you' or 'ego' trip? President-elect Donald Trump is launching his nationwide victory tour in Cincinnati on Thursday night. Check out this story on Donald Trump is the first president-elect ever known to go on a nationwide victory tour, which kicks off this week in a key swing state that helped the real estate mogul pull off his surprise victory.

Before taking office, Trump signals campaign promises are negotiable

Before taking office, Trump signals campaign promises are negotiable U.S. presidential candidates frequently make campaign promises they can't deliver once in power. Check out this story on Trump made a lot of big promises on the campaign trail, as President-elect many of those declarations are starting to look less and less possible.

Told you so: Some professors correctly predicted Trump win

A few college professors stood up to a tidal wave of prevailing thought to separately predict for months that the New York billionaire and reality TV star would pull off one of the biggest shockers in American political history. A political scientist at New York's Stony Brook University based his prediction on a formula using primary results and his "pendulum of change" theory.

‘Big data’ questioned in wake of Trump’s surprising victory

In this Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016 photo, supporters watch as results come in at the a GOP election party in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Donald Trump's stunning election win came despite prognosticators' overwhelming insistence he would lose and has forced people to question not just political polling, but all the facets of life that are being informed and directed by data.

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