Trump to tap McConnell aide for Appalachian post

President Donald Trump intends to tap a member of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's staff to serve as federal co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission. Trump intends to nominate Tim Thomas - now in his second stint as a McConnell staff member in Kentucky and who also worked in former Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher's administration - to help oversee the ARC, the White House said Thursday in a news release.

Appalachians die sooner than the rest of US

People living in Appalachia are more likely to die sooner than in the rest of the United States, a new study found. The study looked at life expectancy and infant mortality from 1990 to 2013 in Appalachia, a 205,000-square mile region that stretches across 12 states from northern Mississippi to New York.

Today in the Fact that J.D. Vance is a Huge Grifter Who Hates His Own Culture

The fact that people will read his book, and assume that all Appalachian people are trying to actively run away from their culture, and that if they are smart, they will understand it to be less than and the people they came from to be crazy lunatics is, to me, one of the more personal attacks that Vance hurls at Appalachian people in his 261-page simultaneous fetishization and admonishment of my culture. "Elegy" has no class, no heart, and no warmth.