Huffington responds to photo of Franken cupping her breast

'The notion that there was anything inappropriate is truly absurd': Arianna Huffington defends Al Franken after pictures circulate of 2000 photoshoot in which Senator is groping her breasts But Huffington said in a statement that the photos were taken as a joke in 2000 to promote a segment called 'Strange Bedfellows' on Bill Maher's show On Monday the New York Post published photos taken in 2000 to promote a segment called 'Strange Bedfellows,' from Bill Maher's show on ABC Politically Correct. The photo shows the former Saturday Night Live star and current Minnesota Senator posing a bed, with Franken cupping Huffington's breast with one of his hands.

Forget the Titans: Trump foe Huffington follows Trump friend Ailes out the door

Arianna Huffington and Roger Ailes have left the media companies they built mid-election. Five weeks ago, with the major-party conventions about to launch the most compelling general election season in recent memory, who could have imagined that two media titans with opposing stances on Donald Trump would leave the newsrooms they spent years building, long before the votes were counted? And yet, that is exactly what has happened, with Arianna Huffington's announcement Thursday that she will step down as editor in chief of the Huffington Post coming on the heels of Roger Ailes's ouster from the chairmanship of Fox News .