Jeff Jacoby: Why do presidents have unfettered power to pardon?

As the sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., Joe Arpaio was an authoritarian and incompetent disgrace to public service. He bragged of confining inmates in conditions so harsh that they amounted to a " concentration camp ," and in his zeal to find illegal immigrants he engaged in naked racial profiling - even after a federal court ordered him to stop.

Liberal activists warn partya s lawmakers: Primaries are coming

Frustrated by the party's performance on Capitol Hill and emboldened by the mass protests against President Donald Trump, a coalition of progressive groups say they are open to supporting primary challengers next year against Democratic members of the House and Senate - even if many inside the party believe that intra-party races might ultimately only help the Republican Party gain more power. The organizations, many run by former members of Bernie Sanders' insurgent presidential campaign, say they haven't drafted a list of targets just yet.

Trump naming seasoned GOP hands to Pa. field effort

Donald J. Trump plans to name two respected Republican operatives to run his effort in Pennsylvania amid criticism that the real-estate developer has lagged in building the organization required of a presidential campaign. David Urban will be senior adviser and Ted Christian will be the state director, according to sources close to the Trump campaign who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to announce the move.