In N.J., party switches can end up with stitches | Editorial

Considering what is happening at the national level, this would be a good time not to question the reasons why a New Jersey Republican elected official would switch to the Democrat Party. But, as the case of Salem County Freeholder Melissa DeCastro demonstrates, broad policy differences between the parties don't carry as much weight in motivating those who prompt an officeholder to do the switching.

Federal court strikes down Republican-drawn maps in Wisconsin

Two weeks after a stunning election defeat, Wisconsin Democrats won an equally surprising legal victory Monday as a federal court struck down legislative maps drawn by Republicans in 2011. A panel of federal judges ruled 2-1 that the redistricting maps were "intended to burden the representational rights of Democratic voters throughout the [10-year] period by impeding their ability to translate their votes into legislative seats."

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The state Senate judiciary committee held a hearing last week on a bill to allow permit-less concealed carry in Wisconsin, and the discussion was often intense on both sides. Tuesday, June 6, 2017 Drug-impaired driving is a major but under-addressed issue in the U.S. - associated with more fatalities than drunk driving - and, in the wake of an updated report highlighting the problem, U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy called upon the Trump administration this week to issue national recommendations to improve public safety.

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The Legislature's Joint Finance Committee has removed from the state budget it is considering a controversial item eliminating the obligation of state and local governments to publish various public notices in newspapers. Tuesday, April 11, 2017 The state Assembly passed this week a package of nine bills to combat drug abuse and addiction, but Democrats tried and failed to pass multiple amendments to the legislation, including one to accept federal funding of Medicaid expansion.

The Fray: Jacobson sees Democrats ‘unified’ by convention

Former Orange County Democratic Chairman Jonathan Jacobson gushed about the Democratic National Convention on Friday as he returned from it, calling it the most successful of the 11 presidential conventions he's attended in spite of the sharp party split that carried from the primary season into the four-day gala in Philadelphia. Jacobson, who was a delegate for Hillary Clinton, praised the acceptance speech she had given the previous night, saying Clinton had laid out a positive message while establishing a “clear contrast” with Donald Trump, the Republican nominee.