Hearty whole grains

The USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans note that when it comes to eating grains in our diet, half our intake should come from whole grains. To be classified as a grain, the food product must contain all three components of the grain; namely the bran, the germ and the endosperm.

1 percenters get more dough

With great fanfare, pomp and ceremony, congressional Republicans and our tax-evader-in-chief Donald Trump rolled out a tax package they believe to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But that, of course, depends on who gets how many slices.

‘Worthless’ Subway ‘Footlong’ sandwich settlement is thrown out: U.S. court

A U.S. federal appeals court on Friday threw out a class-action settlement intended to resolve claims that the Subway sandwich chain deceived customers by selling "Footlong" subs that were less than a foot long. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago called the settlement "utterly worthless," even as it rewarded the customers' lawyers for convincing Subway it was better to make the case go away than fight.

Study finds city’s south side is a food desert

The lack of a major grocery store and having fewer convenience stores nearby makes Warren's southside neighborhoods more food insecure than the rest of the city, according to a recently released study by Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership. Examining 91 items from a U.S. Department of Agriculture thrifty food plan survey list, stores on the city's southeast side did not have 68 percent of the items, according to a study on food access conducted by TNP over the past year.

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Over the last 50 years, or so, a group of Democrats from Ramsey County has organized volunteers to run a doughnut booth at the Minnesota State Fair.

Miami’s Little Havana has been named a ‘National Treasure’

Little Havana is a place where many of us grew up and for me, the source of the fondest memories of my life: Visiting the "Army/Navy" store on Calle Ocho and then having churros across the street; riding my bike to Shenandoah pool; eating pan de gloria from the bakery across the street from the Wing Ditsy ; playing basketball at Brian park; Kung Fu movie double features at the Tower Theater; riding my bike down 27th avenue all the way to the Grove; eating freshly baked Cuban bread from Ayesteran; bowling at the Coliseum; block vs. block street football games on 10th street; the marzipan from Perezsosa Bakery.

Trump’s Stunning Victory was Rebuke of Obama’s Record

Tuesday's stunning presidential election was, first and foremost, a devastating rebuke of Barack Obama's presidency, especially his economic record. Many issues, no doubt, influenced the voters' decisions to put the Republicans back in charge of the White House and the executive branch of government.

Mind the Food Gap: Who Does Farm-to-Table Serve?

She explains that the restaurant she and her partner opened in the renovated mill at the center of Saxapahaw's development boom, the one they describe as a "central gathering place for the community," aims to build a model that's economically viable for everyone - including farmers and their staff. "We're here supporting the locals, and they come in and support us," she says.

Even politicians love Patti LaBellea s famous pies

Patti LaBelle is running late. But no one here seems to mind. The crowd of staffers, members, Walmart execs and the lucky legislative aide who happened to get "the email," are too busy rubbernecking the passed trays carrying slices of sweet potato pie to notice that the woman of the hour is missing.

Taste test 2016: Clintona s cookies vs. Trumpa s cookies

At least that's what the hope has been since 1992, when Family Circle magazine began collecting cookie recipes from the wives of presidential candidates for their Presidential Cookie Poll. Clinton submitted the same recipe that his wife, current Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, submitted during the 1992 and 1996 campaigns.

Toledo Farmers Market

It was a pleasant night for the Toledo Farmers' Market. Kristi had plenty of delicious bakery, kolaches, rolicky, twisty's, cookies, breads, bars, rolls, and crisps.

Combos join peanut scare recall

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Mars Chocolate North America announced the voluntary recall of some Combos pretzel and cracker snacks this week due to the potential for these products to contain peanut residue. There is no warning on the label of these snacks.

Enzo’s Organic Matcha To Release New Video

Enzo's Private Selection is teaming up with Brothers Production Company to release a video about their new 100 % Organic Matcha Green Tea Blend. Buffalo, NY -- The video will be available in June on Enzo's Private Selection product page on Amazon, on their website and in Amazon video shorts.


Mostly it's been depicted as a crop grown far from the mainstream in the fields of far-right crackpots, at least that's how the government-approved media see it. They conveniently fail to mention that Ronald Reagan campaigned on the idea and was elected President - twice.