Rockettes reveal secrets of the Christmas Spectacular

Male former aide to John Conyers says that 'Most of us have seen him in his underwear' and that it's not a 'big deal' after woman accuses the Rep. of partially stripping in his office Ice baths, a secret M&Ms stash and microphones hidden in their SHOES: Rockettes reveal what really goes on behind the scenes of their much-loved Christmas Spectacular One of the most iconic shows in New York City, the Rockettes' 84-year-old Christmas Spectacular, is right around the corner Astonishingly, the Rockettes do not actually hold each other during high kicks, but lightly brush the performers beside them with outstretched arms Their quickest costume change comes between the 'Parade of the Wooden Soldiers' and 'New York at Christmas', when the Rockettes have just 78 seconds The famous tapping sounds are not recorded, but there is a trick to make sure the audience hears them loud and clear One of the ... (more)

Houston Arts Groups Working to Recover From Hurricane Harvey

Houston Ballet artistic director Stanton Welch looked flushed as he stood at the edge of the Hobby Center's Sarofim Hall stage during a break in the company's annual Jubilee of Dance performance. The Houston Chronicle reports his military-style jacket seemed apt for the warrior's role he has played in recent months, trying to keep his 59 dancers sharp and happy in their glittering costumes as he shuffles their performances in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Houston arts groups working to recover from Hurricane Harvey

In a Friday, Nov. 17, 2017 photo, members of the Houston Ballet rehearse the Nutcracker at their studio, in Houston. The company will have to hold their performance at Smart Financial Centre and the Hobby Center this year, and giving 10 less performances than usual, because its home stage at the Wortham Theater Center was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

Mark Morris’s Azerbaijani Epic

Mark Morris, as a teen-ager, in the seventies, did his longest and most serious dance training as a member of a Balkan folk-dance troupe, the Koleda Balkan Dance Ensemble, a semi-pro group of Seattle hippies and music geeks who got together on weekends, went to the woods, drank slivovitz, and danced till they dropped. When you see the sheer danciness of his work-the twirling, the leaping, the falling, the floor-smacking-Koleda, in large measure, is what you're seeing.

“The Red Shoes” Becomes a Ballet

The English choreographer Matthew Bourne is known for ballets that are based on popular tales or movies; that pulsate with crime and passion; that transpire on shifting planes of reality; that incorporate big, crazy dance parties and small, nastily observed manners; and that generally end with the boy's not getting the girl, or the boy. Now Bourne has done it again, God bless him! His new ballet is "The Red Shoes" , and the story, basically, is that of the famous 1948 movie by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.