Female lawmakers cite harassment in Congress

In this Oct. 29, 2016, file photo, then-Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., speaks to volunteers at a home serving as a canvassing site to train and organize supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Cincinnati. WASHINGTON -- One current and three former female members of Congress said they have been sexually harassed or subjected to hostile sexual comments by their male colleagues while serving in the House.

Half of likely voters don’t think Feinstein should run for

A majority of likely California voters supports protecting immigrants who arrived in the country as children from deportation and about half don't think Sen. Dianne Feinstein should run for re-election next year, according to a Public Policy Institute of California survey released Wednesday. The poll also found that only about 27 percent of Californians approve of the job President Trump is doing.


One month after retiring from the U.S. Senate , Barbara Boxer has a new focus not far removed from her old one: electing like-minded Democrats. One month after retiring from the U.S. Senate , Barbara Boxer has a new focus not far removed from her old one: electing like-minded Democrats.

Kamala Harris Went to Prison So Others Wona t Have To

Kamala Harris visited just about every corner of California during her successful 2016 campaign to take over Barbara Boxer's seat in the US Senate, and she's kept it up somewhat since taking office. But on a recent, sweltering July afternoon, I accompanied Harris to a place where no senator has set foot for at least a decade.

A battle of liberal versus more liberal exposes a divided…

Gilbert Feliciano, center, and other delegates supporting Kimberly Ellis chant for an opportunity to speak during a contentious moment discussing the election results for California Democratic Party chairperson on the final day of the party's state convention. Gilbert Feliciano, center, and other delegates supporting Kimberly Ellis chant for an opportunity to speak during a contentious moment discussing the election results for California Democratic Party chairperson on the final day of the party's state convention.

Former Senator Barbara Boxer speaks at USC

With the Trump administration set to slash the Environmental Protection Agency's budget by 31 percent, many recent environmental protections may be in jeopardy. This development has worried politicians such as Sen. Barbara Boxer, who spoke at Bovard Auditorium on Thursday as the keynote speaker for the Environmental Student Assembly's Earth Month.

Renewing the Democrats – and America

Why have Democrats struggled to defeat President Trump's most objectionable cabinet nominees? Because Hillary Clinton's 3 million popular vote margin obscures this nettlesome fact: Outside California, Massachusetts, and New York, Donald Trump won by 4 million votes. Across the map, political polarization and demographic sorting are shrinking the party.

More states consider working around the Electoral College

In this Dec. 19, 2016 file photo, protesters demonstrate ahead of Pennsylvania's 58th Electoral College at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pa. After the election that saw the winner of the popular vote fall short of the U.S. presidency, legislators in states including Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Mexico said they plan to introduce legislation that would require their state's Electoral College voters cast ballots for the presidential candidate who earns the most votes nationwide, regardless of the statewide results.

Obama signs Californiaa s massive water bill, but Trump will determine its future

President Barack Obama on Friday quietly signed and bequeathed to President-elect Donald Trump a massive infrastructure bill designed to control floods, fund dams and deliver more water to farmers in California's Central Valley. While attempting to mollify critics' concerns over potential harm to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Obama signed the $12 billion bill in a distinctly low-key act.

Shutdown averted, Senate backs stop-gap spending bill

With less than hour to spare, the Senate late Friday backed legislation averting a government shutdown as coal-state Democrats retreated on long-term health care benefits for retired miners and promised a renewed fight for the working class next year. The 63-36 vote sent the stop-gap spending bill to President Barack Obama, who signed the measure early Saturday morning.

Asbestos Disease Awareness Org. President Commends the EPA For Taking …

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization , which serves as a global leader in ending asbestos exposure through education, advocacy, and community; today issued the following statement from ADAO President and Co-Founder Linda Reinstein in support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's decision to prioritize asbestos as a top 10 high-risk chemical for evaluation and regulatory action under the Lautenberg Act: "The EPA made a life-saving decision today by including asbestos in the first round of chemicals as a top 10 to be regulated under the Lautenberg Act .

Senator Barbara Boxer Calls for Abolishing Electoral College in Wake of Trump Win

In a parting swipe at President-elect Donald Trump, retiring Democratic California Sen. Barbara Boxer filed legislation Tuesday to abolish the Electoral College that has propelled the Manhattan mogul into the White House. Noting that Hillary Clinton got more votes than Trump but still lost the election, Boxer said it is time to do with an "outdated, undemocratic system that does not reflect our modern society."

California awakes to shocking new political landscape

California woke up Wednesday to a stunning new reality: Republican Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, with congressional majorities that will empower him to pursue an agenda most of the state finds objectionable and some consider dangerous. Having delivered 55 electoral votes to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the most of any state, Californians watched with surprise - and, in many cases, horror - as Trump pulled off arguably the greatest upset in modern political history, smashing through Clinton's supposedly formidable get-out-the-vote operation in crucial swing states like Florida and Ohio.

Election Day Is Tuesday

Based on the vote by mail ballots already received, the Tuolumne County Elections Office is projecting a large turnout for Tuesday's election. The polls will open on Tuesday at 7am and will close at 8pm.

Clinton Expected To Cruise In California, So Who Will Vote?

CBS2 / KCAL9 CBS2/KCAL9 is part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corp. and one of the largest network-owned station groups in the country. CBS Studio City Broadcast Center 4200 Radford Avenue Studio City, CA [] LOS ANGELES - Republicans and Democrats in California are struggling to keep voters motivated in advance of Election Day, but for different reasons.

Bills would require shooting data

In the wake of attention focused on police-involved shootings, at least two bills - HR 3481 and S1476- have been introduced in Congress that would require officer-involved deaths be reported to the FBI for a national database. Currently, local agencies report to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

On Eve of Final Presidential Debate, Trump in California Risks…

On Eve of Final Presidential Debate, Trump in California Risks Getting Smaller Percentage of Popular Vote Than Any Republican Candidate in the Past 100 Years; Recreational Marijuana Prop 64 Still Leads Ever-So-Slightly; Harris Safe Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have lost support in the past 17 days, as Republicans beat up on Clinton and Democrats beat up on Trump, according to a SurveyUSA pre-election tracking poll conducted for KABC-TV in Los Angeles, KPIX-TV San Francisco, KGTV-TV San Diego, and KFSN-TV Fresno. Compared to an identical poll conducted before the 1st Presidential debate, Clinton is down 3 points, Trump is down 3 points, and undecided voters have doubled.

California Senator Scalds Trump for Vulgar Comments

As politicians and voters continue to respond to Donald Trump's vulgar comments directed toward women, California Senator Barbara Boxer wasn't afraid to mince words Saturday. A 2005 audio recording depicted Trump bragging about his sexual advances in an explicit manner, which prompted the golden state representative to not hold back from calling out the Republican presidential hopeful.

Senate’s odd couple forge unlikely alliance on environment

In this May 19, 2016, file photo, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., embraces the committee's ranking member Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington. One is a Brooklyn-born, northern California liberal who carved out time in a two-decade Senate career to write a politics-sex-and-power thriller or two.

Senatea s odd couple: Boxer, Inhofe forge unlikely alliance

The oddest of Senate odd couples - California Democrat Barbara Boxer and Oklahoma Republican Jim Inhofe - have accomplished something highly unusual in this bitter election year: significant, bipartisan legislation on the environment that has become law. Boxer, a staunch liberal, calls climate change the "greatest challenge to hit the planet," battles against offshore drilling, rails about the dangers of nuclear power and has pushed to restrict greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

Stalemate on debates shadows California US Senate contest

The two Democrats seeking the seat - state Attorney General Kamala Harris and U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez - have been unable to agree how many there should be, or when and where to hold them. On Tuesday, Sanchez proposed a series of four debates, after Harris earlier agreed to two, one in Sacramento and one in Los Angeles.

Tacos with a Congresswoman, candidate for California Senator

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, one of two Democratic candidates for the California U.S. Senate seat, talks with a reporter at Cocina Cortes in Chico on Friday. The race for the California Senate seat this year is an unusual one, with two Democrats running against each other for the first time, and two minority women at that, to replace retiring fourth-term Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Senate race looking lopsided despite matchup

With less than three months until Election Day, Loretta Sanchez is running out of time to narrow the gap with front-runner Kamala Harris in California's U.S. Senate race. Both women are Democrats, but President Barack Obama's decision last month to endorse Harris - the state attorney general - was a capstone in her ascent.

California Millennials could cast decisive votes

As they come of age and register to vote, Millennials - that enormous generation born since 1981-are surging so fast they're on the verge of overtaking the Baby Boomer behemoth as a share of the California electorate. And new evidence confirms that, so far at least, the GOP is losing them.

Democratic National Convention – Day 4

Gallery: California delegates hold up signs as they cheer for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Thursday, July 28, 2016. Gallery: The Democratic women of the US Senate waves to delegates during the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Thursday, July 28, 2016.

GOP and California Republicans dislike each so much, they have 60…

When the California Republican delegation lands in Cleveland this week ahead of the party's nominating convention, they'll head more than an hour west to the Kalahari Water Park Resort in Sandusky, where they were assigned lodging by the Republican National Committee. After that, most delegates will get on a bus and take another hour-long ride back into Cleveland to do party work on the convention floor.

What late-night TV gender barrier? Chelseaa

After being the only woman in late-night TV during most of her seven-year run on "Chelsea Lately," Chelsea Handler was ready to talk about something new. What late-night TV gender barrier? Chelsea Handler is global CULVER CITY, Calif.

Mosquito Mascot Trolls Senate Republicans At Zika Hearing

A man in a full-body mosquito costume trolled Senate Republicans on Wednesday by distributing insect repellent outside of their hearing on the Zika virus. The human-sized mosquito, a reproductive rights advocate with NARAL Pro-Choice America, made an appearance to denounce Republicans' lack of action on the Zika epidemic.

Sen. Feinstein officially opposes pot legalization in California

Democratic U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Tuesday formally opposed an initiative on California's fall ballot to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. Feinstein said the measure, Proposition 64, lacked protections for children and motorists and would clash with medical marijuana guidelines signed last fall by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Californians Will Get Their Choice Between Coke, Diet Coke for the Senate

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Hey Californians, here are your options to replace retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate come the fall: You can vote for a Democratic progressive liberal currently serving as the state's attorney general, Kamala Harris; or you can vote for a Democratic progressive liberal 10-term member of the House of Representatives, Rep. Loretta Sanchez. You can thank California's relatively recent implementation of a top-two primary system.

In Democrat-only Senate race, Republicans become swing votes

Republican candidates were shut out in the race for California's open U.S. Senate seat, but GOP voters could play a key role in November in determining which of two Democratic women goes to Washington. Attorney General Kamala Harris won a commanding victory in Tuesday's primary to claim one of two runoff spots, winning all but a handful of the state's 58 counties.

Millions sit idle in California’s U.S. Senate race as big donors wait for end of the primary

The top two Democrats in California's U.S. Senate race have raised more than a combined $12 million for their campaigns, but many of the state's most generous and loyal campaign donors have yet to crack open their wallets. During Sen. Barbara Boxer's hard-fought 2010 campaign against Republican challenger Carly Fiorina, her supporters helped her secure reelection with more than $10 million in individual contributions in 2009-2010.

California US Senate choice could come down to 2 Democrats

This Nov. 2012 file photo shows California Attorney General Kamala Harris speaks during a news conference Friday Nov.16,2012 in Los Angeles. Harris is running TV ads in Spanish in Southern California and touting her support from union icon Dolores Huerta in a low-key strategy to drive fellow Democrat Loretta Sanchez out of the race for California's open U.S. Senate seat.

Congress is about to pass a bill that will regulate products you use each day

Sen. Barbara Boxer embraces Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman James Inhofe during a news conference to announce bipartisan legislation on federal regulation of chemicals. Sen. Barbara Boxer embraces Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman James Inhofe during a news conference to announce bipartisan legislation on federal regulation of chemicals.

Gov. Jerry Brown endorses Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate

Attorney General Kamala Harris thanks California Gov. Jerry Brown, right, after he announced his endorsement of her for the U.S. Senate during a news conference at the California Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento, Calif. Harris is running against fellow Democrat, Rep. Loretta Sanchez, among others, to replace Barbara Boxer who is retiring.

Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders in California, poll finds

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks to the crowd Sunday, May 22, 2016, at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is making a major campaign push in California in hopes of gaining ground on Democratic nomination frontrunner Hillary Clinton, but faces an 18-percentage-point gap among the state's voters likely to participate in the Democratic primary, according to an ABC7-Southern California News Group poll released Monday.

Sanders Risks Berning Bridges in SenateBy Matt Laslo

The blowup in Nevada has prompted many of Sanders's Senate colleagues to urge him to get control of what he started-and direct it away from Democrats and toward Trump. While Sanders young and energetic base is something the Democratic Party desperately wants to coopt in the general election, senior Democrats want Vermont's junior senator to harness that anger and point it at Donald Trump.

Democrats, Sanders on the brink as campaign nears end

Leading Democrats are growing increasingly vocal in their concerns about the White House hopeful's continued candidacy, and if he and his legions of enthusiastic supporters ultimately will unite behind Hillary Clinton in a general election against Donald Trump. For his part, Sanders has sharpened his critique of the party.

Does Democratic Party Discord Portend Disaster at the National Convention?

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Deep divisions and disarray within the Democratic Party, fully surfaced in the wake of the Nevada convention brouhaha , suggest that July's national convention in Philadelphia could serve as ground zero for a battle over the party's very soul. Beyond their calls for Bernie Sanders to exit the race before every state has had a chance to vote, establishment Dems this week expressed "fear," as CNN put it , "that if Sanders does not rein in his supporters, the same ugly scene that occurred in Las Vegas last weekend could replicate itself in the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia."

Barbara Boxer to lobby for desalination plant in Huntington Beach

Two prominent former California Democratic lawmakers who oversaw environmental legislation, U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer and state Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, have signed on to lobby for a controversial desalination plant in Huntington Beach. For nearly two decades, the plant proposed for a Pacific Coast Highway site next to an existing Huntington Beach power generating facility has faced strong opposition from community and environmental groups.