Looking toward election after Menendez’s ‘Resurrection Day’

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez 's political fate in next year's crucial midterms after the mistrial in his federal bribery case may hinge on whether prosecutors retry him and whether attacks from Republicans based on the indictment convince voters to keep him from a third term. Fresh off a victory lap at the courthouse, where Menendez thanked those who stood by him and promised to remember those who opposed him during his darkest hours, the two-term incumbent wasted no time jumping back into his Senate schedule.

Cuban dissident to receive West New York ‘key to town’

WEST NEW YORK -- A well-known Cuban dissident will be in West New York on Friday to speak out against continued human rights abuses on the island despite the recent thaw in U.S. relations, and to be honored by one of the town's own outspoken critics of the island's authoritarian regime. The dissident, Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello , is a 72-year-old economist and longtime critic of Fidel Castro and his brother Raul.

Congress acts on Nicaraguan presidenta s power grab

Demonstrating the growing anxiety in Washington about Nicaragua, U.S. House of Representatives issued a scathing rebuke of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's authoritarian push for power. Democrats and Republicans in the lower chamber unanimously supported a call, led by Miami Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Wednesday night to restrict the Ortega government's access to loans from international financial institutions unless it accepts international observers and takes others steps to promote democracy.

The wife of the accused NYC bomber left the US before the…

Asia Bibi Rahami, the wife of the man suspected in bombing incidents last weekend in New York and New Jersey, is currently out of the country. After a shootout on Monday, police arrested her husband , Ahmad Khan Rahami , in connection with the bomb that injured 29 people in Manhattan Saturday night and another that exploded near a planned charity race that morning.

Dear America

Dear Editor: Americans are under attack by radical Islamic terrorists, call them ISIS or call them Al Qaeda, Americans are calling it "terrorist attacks." Ever since the massacre in Boston, and then San Bernardino, and now Orlando, Florida on 6/12, President Obama still refuses to call this enemy "Radical Islam" or "Islamic Terrorists" - he continues to carry the liberal banner that it's a "criminal" offense, or "hate crime."