Delta A320 at New York on Dec 6th 2017, tail strike

A Delta Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration N340NW performing flight DL-886 from Atlanta,GA to New York La Guardia,NY , landed on La Guardia Airport's runway 22, vacated the runway and taxied to the gate. The FAA reported that subsequently a tail strike was reported, the damage is unknown.

Again? FAA investigates another Air Canada runway mix-up at SFO

Just three months after an Air Canada plane nearly landed on a crowded SFO taxiway, the FAA has launched another investigation into why a second passenger jet from that airline Sunday ignored a San Francisco air traffic controller's repeated order to abort a landing. Air Canada Flight 781, an Airbus A320, was preparing to land at SFO on Runway 28-Right on Sunday night.

FAA changes San Francisco landing rules after close call

The FAA has issued new rules at San Francisco International Airport after two Air Canada pilots mistakenly lined up a jet to land on a taxiway, sort of a side road that four other planes were using to reach the runway. Federal officials have issued new rules for nighttime landings and control-tower staffing at San Francisco International Airport after an Air Canada jet nearly struck planes on the ground last month.

Energy diplomacy takes wing?

News selected on topics and regions - oil and gas, business, politics, IT, the South Caucasus, the Caspian Sea region, Central Asia Ranking of the Azerbaijani banking sector Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture Education & Research Institute and the Research Institute for Energy Management & Planning - University of Tehran, the Founders of the Caspian Energy Grid , have welcomed, the Airbus A320 jet delivery to Iran on 12th Jan. 2017, which marks the first new plane delivered directly to Iran by a western manufacturer since 1979, and supported the EU based entity initiative, the International Research Network for holding Iran Business Symposium during 21-23 Feb. 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

‘Miracle on the Hudson’ safety advice not carried out

In the seven years since an airline captain saved 155 lives by ditching his crippled airliner in the Hudson River, there's been enough time to write a book and make a movie, but apparently not enough to carry out most of the safety recommendations stemming from the accident. Of the 35 recommendations made by the National Transportation Safety Board in response to the incident involving US Airways Flight 1549, only six have been heeded, according to an Associated Press review of board records.

An ARJ21-700 in the livery of Chengdu Airlines, its launch customer. Photo: Johannes Eisele, AFP.

Comac signs 60-jet deal with Hong Kong leasing group, worth up to US$2.3 billion - largest single order yet for the Chinese-built airliner An Indonesian airline is to become the world's first to operate a fleet made up entirely of Chinese-built jets. Hong Kong-listed China Aircraft Leasing Group has confirmed that it and its substantial shareholder Friedmann Pacific Asset Management will buy 30 ARJ21-700 jets with an option to buy 30 more, from state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corp of China, or Comac.

First Chinese-made regional jet makes maiden passenger flight

China's first locally built regional jet made its maiden commercial flight on Tuesday, carrying 70 passengers from the western city of Chengdu to Shanghai on the east coast in what state-owned planemaker Commercial Aircraft Corp of China Ltd hailed as a milestone. Chengdu Airlines flight EU6679 took two hours and 12 minutes and was "an important milestone in the development of civil aviation in China", COMAC said in a statement.