FIFA, Olympic official Sheikh Ahmad denies bribery claim

Asian Olympic leader Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah of Kuwait has denied claims made in a U.S. federal court that he paid six-figure bribes to FIFA voters. "Sheikh Ahmad is very surprised by such allegations and strongly denies any wrongdoing," the Olympic Council of Asia said in a statement issued on Saturday on behalf of its president.

Document sheds light on how president approves drone strikes

President Barack Obama must approve operational plans to target overseas terror suspects with drones or other weapons outside war zones, but in some cases does not sign off on specific strikes, according to newly-declassified administration guidelines. In addition to setting out the role of the president, the guidelines emphasize the importance of "verifying" the identity of high value targets, even as they outline the criteria and legality of striking unidentified others when "necessary to achieve U.S. policy objectives."

.com | Fields Hill truck owner back in court

A Durban motorist captured dramatic dash-cam footage of a minibus driving the wrong way on the M13 Freeway at Fields Hill near Durban last week. WATCH Durban The owner of a truck that ploughed into several vehicles on Pinetown's Fields Hill in 2013, killing 24 people, is set to appear in the Verulam Magistrate's Court on Monday.