Bird Droppings: Arizona Cardinals look to end season on high note in Seattle

If you haven't been following along, Justin has been doing a great job of helping you get to know some prospect names as we trudge through the Bowl Season, but the big names are going to start coming up, so make sure to follow along. If Bruce Arians returns in 2018, he would have plenty to look forward to Bruce Arians has many reasons to return next season -- but the most important one is his continued passion and excitement for the job.

Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald pens tribute to John McCain

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzpatrick published an open letter in Sports Illustrated , offering prayers for Sen. John McCain, who is battling brain cancer, CNN reported. In his letter, Fitzgerald recalls a 2013 visit to Vietnam where he viewed the places where McCain was tortured as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.

Larry Fitzgerald praises John McCain in touching open letter

Christmas is a time of giving, and Larry Fitzgerald took the time to remind us how much Sen. John McCain has truly gave to this country as the 81-year-old senator continues his battle with brain cancer. Fitzgerald, who has built a friendship with the longtime Arizona senator, praised McCain in a lengthy open letter published by Sports Illustrated.

Cardinals’ Fitzgerald writes Christmas tribute to John McCain

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald paid a Christmas tribute to Sen. John McCain in an open letter, offering prayers for the Arizona Republican, who is battling brain cancer. In the letter, which was published by Sports Illustrated, Fitzgerald recalls a 2013 visit to Vietnam, where he toured the places where McCain was tortured as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.

Leonardo DiCaprio makes plea to tackle climate change at Before The Flood premiere

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